Ever since I adopted the fitness/healthy lifestyle, I knew exactly how I wanted to look; which was to look as good as I felt after I finished exercising. In my early years, I had the passion but I didn’t have the direction. I had a basic understanding of what was needed in order for me to reach my goals, but had also felt that there was a more efficient way to reach them regarding both type of foods that should be eaten and the necessary exercises to be performed. With the help of SoFit trainer Tommy Houck, I was given the proper direction to meet my fitness goals of losing fat and gaining lean muscle. In addition to my physical improvements, I also gained the courage to compete in a men’s physique competition; something I never thought I would be capable of doing in my lifetime. As with any individual who lives this lifestyle, I will always strive to be/look my best and team SoFit has continued to help me with my journey.