Mental & Emotional Balance

A. Healthy eating is a huge part of contemporary culture, especially here in SoCal. However, regardless of how much I know about what to eat or what’s “healthy” for me, if I’m stressed, exhausted or simply unhappy, I’m way less likely to make logical dietary decisions. Moreover, if I’m running on emotion, it will negatively affect my food decisions. This is why it’s so fundamentally important for individuals to have accountability and do things, for example, like “Heart Focused Breathing.”

B. Our moods follows our actions. I found out a long time ago that I cannot think my way into a better mood, I have to act it. You may wonder, what does that mean exactly? It means, individuals have to take actions to put themselves into a better place emotionally, which will in turn affect their mental and physical state collectively. A great example of an action item here is a daily gratitude list. Find a coach, friend, or family member to help hold you accountable by exchanging a daily list with them. This can be kept simple and succinct, such as five or six things. I recommend doing this in the morning and midday — it allows me to “check myself” in the beginning and midday, and to ensure my perception isn’t getting blurred (i.e. why is my life so hard? why cant I seem to get ahead? why why why!?). Overall, simple steps like the aforementioned will help you to overcome impediments (mental and physical), live more productively and achieve desired results.

These are just a few insights on our comprehensive approach to helping individuals achieve their goals in fitness and life. Come join us at 1321 S Shamrock Ave‚Äč in Monrovia, CA and see what So Fit can do for you!