Never Give Up – How It Saved My Life

You don’t stop fighting ever, no matter what. When the storm comes, you feel all hope is lost and that there is no reason to keep pushing. Just. Keep. Going. No matter what it takes!

Back in 2007 I was in O.C. Maryland with some friends, when I earned the nickname riptide. There was a hurricane off the coast this day and the waves were violent with lifeguards trying their best to pull people out of the water.

A buddy said, “hey let’s go in!” Thinking I’m a strong swimmer, I foolishly said “okay!” We swam out and managed to get far away enough that there were not many waves breaking. After a few minutes, he decided to go back in to shore. Meanwhile, I floated around for a bit by myself and then finally began to swim back. I started feeling a little tired at this point, but kept swimming. I popped my head up and looked to see how far out I was, and it looked like I was getting closer. It turned out I was in a riptide and didn’t realize it. I started losing energy fast and realized that I wasn’t gonna make it back. I tried to yell out, but no one is there to hear me. I put my hands up, but no lifeguards were there to help. Finally, I thrusted myself up and waved and yelled with every last bit of energy I had left before going under.

Somehow, someone I knew saw me and swam out. I didn’t know that he was coming, but clearly remember thinking the morbid thought to myself, “this is it, this is how I’m gonna die.”

Suddenly, I felt someone pulling me up; it was him (my friend). He was screaming at me “kick, fight, push!” I tried, but there was nothing left and we both went under. Someone saw him with me and jumped in, as well. We kicked back up and got some air and now I could see/feel the third person pushing us.

I didn’t stop fighting, and finally, we made it to the shore. The three of us laid there coughing and gasping for air for a awhile. Funny enough, a lifeguard ran over and thanked me for pulling people out. I said, “no, they saved me!” The irony…

In my mind, there was absolutely no reason to keep fighting: I had no fight left and no one around. The only thing left, was the storm.

Even if you don’t think there is any reason to keep going and you think you’re all alone, that doesn’t mean it’s true. Sometimes, you cant see the help/support coming. Don’t give up, ever, no matter what, until you’re out of the storm.