Getting More Out of Life

The more you put into anything you do in life, the more you will get out: plain and simple. You may not get exactly what you wanted, but I promise you, if you’re working towards something, you will get very valuable experience at the very least.

I’m nine months out from Nationals. That may seem far away, but how fast did 2018 (a whole year) go by for you? It flew for me!

Step by step, rep by rep, meal by meal it’ll be showtime before I know it. And, this is no different for the rest of us.

I’m in my clients corner and dragging them into the no matter what club. I’m so grateful and honored @physiqueinc and @mrcshadows (my coach) will be in my corner, not letting me quit. Also, I’m grateful for the journey and the knowledge gained along the way.

So, our mantra for 2019 can be, “let’s do this!”